Dancing in Flow

Designing the Second Half of Your Life

  • Practice Yoga ( for every level)

  • Develop Mindfulness  

  • Learn to be MORE of your SELF

  • Free yourself from past limitations

  • Redefine your relationship with power

  • Discover your personal blocks to self acceptance

  • Envision the  life that YOU were meant to live

  • Develop confidence in your inner wisdom

  • Step into the personal power that is your birthright

Three uninterrupted days of healing, connecting, and nurturing. 

As women, we find ourselves spending a good part of our lives tending to others needs and ignoring our own, don't we? The end result of that at a certain point in our lives is we begin to question who we are and what were are truly here to do with our lives. The age old question, "Is that all there is?" creeps into our consciousness.  ​

We say "YES" to our children, our husbands, or friends, our churches and our communities and in that process say "NO" to ourselves

If you do what is

truly good for you it WILL be good for other people

Can you imagine what life would be like if you could design it for yourself instead of by the definitions of others? 

Can you see yourself empowered to recognize your own truths and stepping into the YOU that you always knew you could be?

What's in the way of you being who you are meant to be? Is it false beliefs? Is it others expectations? Is it fear ? Its okay not to know. We will explore, together, what holds us back from the life, the person, we were meant to be and have. 


includes ALL lodging and meals 

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