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Children and Disabled Adults are the Only True Victims


Preventing Child Abuse Prevents the Cycle of Egocentrism

As Victims we do not experience a separate sense of self at all. Whatever happens to us does not happen separately from what happens to others and vice versa. Without a sense of having a self we lose all sense of ownership. When something “bad” happens we know in our hearts that we are to blame because we become the badness of what occurred which translates to: we are inherently bad. We disown any sense of rightness about how we feel, who we are, what we want, or even that we exist.

This behavior is learned by our experience of living in a world where what we want, how we feel, and who we are not only doesn’t matter, but does not even exist. When the egocentrism of the adults we needed taught us to disown (we can’t own what we don’t have) ourselves in order to comply with their wishes we learn to repeat the Cycle of Egocentrism.

While it has become a trend for people to identify themselves as “incest survivors”, and the occasional well-meaning therapist leading clients to imagine things that never happened, the fact that child abuse exists cannot be denied. Children are usually the lasts to report this betrayal. They often collude with parents to deceive authorities and even themselves through repression of the memories, forgetting for years that they were abused.

Child abuse is the cornerstone on which the Cycle of Egocentrism is built.

The link to below will take you to the Texas Child Prevention website. There you can purchase a blue arm band in support of their work to save our children, and our future.



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